• Onboard video service

    We hop on board with you and your crew to film your day out on the water. Whether you are a fishing charter, party boat, fishing team, racing team, or commercial vessel, we can be there to capture the moments that matter. 

  • Boat sales content

    Are you a broker, dealership, boat manufacturer, or marina? We can provide high-quality photography and video services that will sell your boats. We will come to your location to shoot all the content you require. 

  • Fishing tournament / boat race coverage

    Shore Boats can help you livestream your event or tournament to either our large audience or directly to your website. We can also take photos and video of the tournament to use at the end. 

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We shoot quality, original boating videos across New Jersey's various waterways. From the Manasquan Inlet, Point Pleasant Canal, Barnegat Bay, and even the Barnegat Inlet.

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